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The open registration for name.pk domains (without the standard suffix such as .com.pk, .net.pk etc.) started on June 20th 2006. more details

PKNIC Authorized SRS Members


Pakistan (پاکستان)

Top Level Domain (TLD):

Second Level Domain (SLD):
.biz.pk, .com.pk, .fam.pk, .net.pk, .org.pk, .web.pk


Rules (may change without notice)

SLD Description
biz.pk No restriction usually means that a foreign company or person can register any and as many domain names as they require.
com.pk same as above
fam.pk same as above
net.pk same as above
org.pk same as above
web.pk same as above

Other Information:

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan (پاکستان in Urdu) is a nation in south-central Asia.