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The open registration for name.pk domains (without the standard suffix such as .com.pk, .net.pk etc.) started on June 20th 2006. more details

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Response Codes & Descriptions

Code Description
103 Domain Expired / De-activated
101 Domain Available
102 Domain Taken
-1 Error Occurred while checking domain status
-2 Invalid Domain Name

About PakWhois.Com

Whois domain name lookup, registration data for domains, find available domain names, domain name keyword search, find previously registered domains that are now available. Use this website to find out who if a domain is available for registration and who owns the domain name.

The services mentioned are only available for the following extensions .com.pk, .net.pk, .org.pk, .gov.pk, .mil.pk, .edu.pk, .fam.pk, .web.pk, .biz.pk, .gos.pk, .gob.pk, .gop.pk, .gon.pk, gok.pk and .PK domains only

Each .PK domain name is registered for minimum period of 2 years and it costs US$36 / Pak.Rs.2880.